Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m

Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m
Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Rod Kit 10m
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  • Cleaning the chimney from the bottom up means you won't have to climb onto the roof When using the rotary chimney cleaning kit, you won't have to climb onto the roof! No need for a ladder or hoist. A chimney pipe of any length can be easily cleaned from the bottom. Simply put the brush into the pipe through the opening in the stove or fireplace and push upwards.
  • Bristles and rods made from durable and flexible nylon The bristle brushes and rods are made from nylon, making very durable, elastic and chemically resistant. Nylon bristles give strength and durability. The nylon rods have a great degree of flexibility, making them perfect for getting through those tough flue bends.
  • Suitable for all types of chimneys The flexibility of nylon rods and brush bristles allows to adapt and mould to the structure of all types of flue pipes. Therefore it is suitable for cleaning a chimney of any width and shape (round, oval, rectangular). Also works better than traditional metal brushs because it won't scratch the surface of the pipe and is suitable for metal as well as brick chimneys.
  • Great cleaning power The rotary brush works by connecting the rods to any electrical drill. When connected  to the drill the brush can rotate from a few hundred to several thousand revolutions per minute (depending on the power of the drill). The bristles of the brush have a special sharp edged rectangular shape of a twisted rope. With the help of a large rotational force the bristles remove even the most stubborn build up inside any flue or chimney.
  • Clean your own chimney like a professional Cleaning a chimney with a brush is usually difficult and tedious process, which requires patience and the right equipment. That is why, for a long time this job was left to professional chimney sweeps. But now you can do it yourself without any special knowledge or multiple cleaning products. Using this rotary chimney cleaning kit, you can do the job quickly and efficiently. In the process you will save money and most importantly you will make sure the job is done to your satisfaction.


Chimney cleaning brush is one of the most important tools for hearth maintenance in the large arsenal of mechanical and chemical means for fighting combustion deposits, which must be used when the time comes. This is the only way to ensure safe operation and longevity of the heating device as well as maximum efficiency of operation and heating.


It is very important to choose a brush that is suitable for your chimney. An unsuitable brush that does not match the construction, diameter, or length of your chimney will not bring the desired benefit. It will be difficult to use and cleaning will not be very efficient. However, if you use a high quality brush that is suitable for your chimney, the unpleasant fight against ugly deposits will be not only possible, but also not that difficult.



Times when it was necessary to call a professional chimneysweeper with long experience and a heap of sophisticated tools to do a mechanical chimney sweeping are gone. Now you can clean the chimney at your home by yourself, you do not even need to know the basics that are mandatory for a professional chimneysweeper. Even more – you can do that very easily, without spending much time, and most importantly, without climbing the roof of the house!



                 (Must Use WD40 or Oil After Each Use.)









Now you do not even need to worry about what size, length and shape of a brush  would be most suitable for your chimney. Cleaning Brush offers the easiest solution that requires no special knowledge and is the most efficient: a universal chimney cleaning brush with nylon bristles that is suitable for cleaning both metal and brick chimneys.


Nylon bristles are softer and more flexible than bristles made of other materials, so there is no surprise that their application possibilities are much wider. Flexible nylon bristles that adjust to the form of the chimney are suitable for a chimney of any diameter, they wonderfully remove even the largest deposits that are the most strongly attached to the chimney, and they do this without leaving scratches or making any other damage on internal walls of the chimney.


Quite a lot of chimneys have one curve, and some have several. In these curves where substances moving together with smoke change direction of movement, combustion deposits are accumulated sooner and faster, which makes selection of a suitable brush for maintenance of such a chimney particularly important. Nylon bristles are irreplaceable when sweeping curved chimneys. Flexible bristles reach even the most difficult to access locations and adapt even to chimney curves of 45 degrees. Brushes with harder or unsuitable length bristles cannot do that or just scratch the location of a curve when they reach it.


There is one more feature that makes the universal chimney cleaning brush a great choice for an owner of any chimney. A set of brush rods (included) that are connectable to each other enables cleaning the chimneys that differ not only in shape and diameter, but also in length. The rods are flexible enough and this helps not only to easily pass through the most inconvenient places of a chimney, but also to easily control movements while cleaning.


Pictures are a guide only and may change.

                                                        (Must use oil after each use to keep connections working free.) 






Universal chimney cleaning brush








Flexible brush rods (11 x 910mm.)

Chimney Cleaning Universal Brush Kit.

11 x 910mm Rods,1 x Flail Head,1 x Drill Adapter Head,

(Must use oil after each use to keep connections working free.)

1 x Hexagonal Key,,

Instructions on Box.










Using the universal chimney cleaning brush is very simple. Thanks to its superb flexibility the brush is capable of passing through the narrowest openings and this enables you to clean the chimney by simply pushing it through the opening of the heating device. You definitely do not have to climb onto the roof! Comfortably settle at your heating device and complete these ten easy steps:



Step 1. Make sure the heating device is off and its combustion chamber contains no fuel or other flammable materials.

Step 2. Remove the damper (if present) installed at connection to the chimney as well as other movable parts of the device.

Step 3. Connect (screw) one pole to the brush.

Step 4. Holding the pole push the brush into the chimney opening.

Step 5. Clean the reachable place of the chimney by moving the brush in various directions.

Step 6. Connect another pole and repeat the cleaning in higher place of the chimney. Repeat these until entire chimney is cleaned.

Step 7. When cleaning is finished, pull the brush out of the chimney by disconnecting the poles one after another (in the sequence opposite to connecting the poles).

Step 8. Collect from combustion chamber the chimney deposits that fell off during cleaning.

Step 9. Put the parts of the heating device back to where they belong.

Step 10. Wash the brush and the poles with warm water and put aside to store until the next cleaning.

(Must use sopy water and oil after each use to keep connections working free.)


Good luck! May warmth and cosiness never leave your home!

  • Suitable for chimneys made of metal and bricks.
  • Suitable for chimneys of any diameter.
  • Suitable for chimneys of different lengths.
  • Suitable for curved chimneys.
  • Does not leave scratches on internal walls of chimney.
  • Easy to control.
  • With nylon bristles.



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