8kw Free Standing Non Boiler

You will be pleased to know that most of our multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves include FREE delivery in their already competitive prices, and you will also get the manufacturer's own extensive guarantee as well.

Ireland Stoves are all capable of producing a substantial level of heat. We offer from 4.5Kw to 15Kw Room Heater models and from Domestic Hot Water only up to 19 standard sized radiators. Please consult with your local dealer with regards to the most suitable heat output for your intended installation.

Although most of our stoves are capable of burning some coal, peat and other fuels, we do recommend the use of wood. Wood is naturally environmentally friendly as it consumes more carbon dioxide whilst growing than it emits during burning. It is also one of the very few fuels that is renewable in our lifetime. Most other sources of power come from fossil fuels – these take thousands of years to evolve and are being consumed faster than they can be replenished by nature.

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Combi Pellet & Wood
THIS COLOUR ONLY Combined Stoves /  Cleo Combi ..
Erne 8kW Stove
The Erne 8kW Stove The Erne 8kW Stove The Ern..
The Laune 14kW Stove The Laune 14kW Room Heater Stov..
The Laune 14kW Stove The Laune 14kW Room..
Porto 400 Freestanding
              Porto 400 Fre..
The Derg 12Kw
The Derg 12Kw   The largest stove in the Lough Collection, i..
THE EVERGREEN ASHLEY The Evergreen ST205SE Ashley Multifuel / Woodburning Stove is a tremendo..
Video On How To Use The Air Vents On Stoves
Heritage Skellig 7kw
  Please note: Product images are for disp..
Cedar Pot Belly
  The C..
THE EVERGREEN HAWTHORN The Hawthorn ST1018 is an attractive double door stove. It also availa..
THE EVERGREEN POPLAR The Poplar ST0406 multi - fuel / Wood Burning stove is a tremendously po..
THE EVERGREEN SPRUCE The Spruce ST1050 Pot Belly Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove family is off..
THE EVERGREEN ROWAN The smallest in the Evergreen range, the Rowan ST2800 is an incredibly po..
Heritage Beltra 8kw room heater
Please note: Product images are for display purposes only, all colours and texture are n..
Heritage Ashford 7.5kw Multi Fuel Stove.
  Ashford Cream Enamel   All models come as standard in matt black, pri..
Achill 6.6kw insert in Matt
The Achill 6.6kW Stove.   The Achill 6.6kW Stove The Achill Insert Stove..
Druid 12kw Free Standing Stove
The Druid 12kW Room Heater Stove The new Druid 12kW room heater stove is the newest slee..
Druid 8kw Free Standing Stove
   <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube...
La Belfort - Flueless 3.1Kw Gas Stove
La Belfort - Flueless 3.1KW The Belfort standard flue model is the ideal compan..
Druid Double Sided 14kw Free Standing Stove
  The Druid 14 Double Sided Stove the Druid 14 Double sided stove is a stunning edit..
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