How to pay

Methods of Payment  

We offer various methods of payment for your convenience:

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PAYPAL - this is the payment method offered if you click on "Add to Cart". This is by the far the easiest and simplest method of payment. As long as you have a credit card you may pay using PayPal.
PayPal is owned by EBay and is 100% secure (go to if you require further information)


CHEQUE -  we will happily accept your cheque in settlement. However we will wait for it to be cleared by the banking system before we despatch the goods to you


Merchant Advance All card will have 2.4% charge extra.

 CREDIT CARD - in person or over the telephone. If you prefer the personal contact, then ring Tom Larkin on 09066 28640, and he can arrange for a confidential credit card payment for you.


LASER CARD - full facilities. Ring us to pay using this card.

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